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Celebrating the Winner of the

2023 Summer Chapbook Contest

As summer comes to an end, we find ourselves at the conclusion of the 2023 Summer Chapbook Contest. Along the many talented poets who shared their words and stories, one exceptional voice stood out, capturing the essence of the season and the beauty of poetic expression. We are thrilled to announce that the winner of this year's contest is Brett Gordon

Stay tuned, as we prepare to unveil Brett's winning chapbook and share her captivating verses with the world. We are honored to have her as part of our Jack Wild Publishing family. 

And to all the poets and writers who have shared their brilliance with us, we look forward to the 2024 Summer Chapbook Contest, where new voices will have the opportunity to shine and stories will continue to be shared.

For updates on our next contest, please join our mailing list at the bottom of the page.

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