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At Jack Wild Publishing, we offer the following services:

  • Editing/Proofreading

    • We will look over your work to make sure it looks completely professional. We will check and perfect any typos, spelling, grammar, structure & format, vocabulary, presentation, line spacing, citations, page numbering, and title pages. This comes free as part of our self-publishing packages, but can be purchased separately by anyone needing editing/proofreading services. This service starts at $25/hour. 

  • Book Review

    • For poetry books, we will analyze themes, genre, figures of speech, and cultural context. We will focus on key points and make it clear how we feel about the poetry selections. Because poems have deep underlying messages and analogies, we will address reasons why the author likely wrote the poems. As we look for common themes and messages, we will answer questions such as "Does the author write about specific subjects?" "Can writers relate to the major themes?" As we read your novel, we will keep in mind: what is the books argument? Does the book say what it says it is going to do? Is the book a contribution to the field? Is the book well-written? How accurate is the information (e.g., the footnotes, bibliography, dates)? Are the illustrations helpful? If there are none, should there have been? Who would benefit from reading this book? How does this book compare to others? We will prepare for you: one paragraph identifying the thesis, and whether the author achieves the stated purpose of the book, one or two paragraphs summarizing the book, one paragraph of the book's strengths, and one paragraph of the book's weaknesses. This service starts at $30/hour. 

  • Event Planner

    • Releasing a book is a huge accomplishment and deserves to be celebrated. Plus, this helps get the word out about your book and can get you more sales! We help take some of the stress off by helping you plan your party. We help you find the venue and hire anyone needed for the party, e.g. caterer's, entertainment, etc. We do everything behind the scenes virtually to get you set up with an amazing party. This service starts at $20/hour. NOTE: Because most of you will not be local to us, we sadly cannot be present at your event, otherwise we would be there to cheer you on and ensure everything runs smoothly throughout the entire event. If you would like a party planner to attend your event or you would like to hire one of our author's as entertainment, reach out to us!

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