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Getting Started

Your essential gateway to hassle-free self-publishing

  • 1 hour
  • 500 US dollars
  • Remote

Service Description

We'll take care of assigning your ISBN, ensuring your book's correct identification and tracking. Our experts will handle the meticulous layout of your manuscript, ensuring it meets industry standards and is visually appealing. Plus, we'll guide you through the setup of your Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account, one of the leading platforms for self-published authors. Important Note: This package does not include book cover design. The author is responsible for providing their book cover. How It Works: 1. Begin by booking this service. We will send you an introduction email to confirm your booking. 2. We will reach out to you at the date and time you've chosen for this service via your preferred method of communication (email, phone call, text). During this conversation, you can ask any questions you have and discuss any specific expectations or instructions. Following the discussion, you'll be guided on how to securely submit your manuscript. Timeline: Initial Setup (1 week): Obtain necessary information from the author. Complete paperwork and sign contract. Receive manuscript. Manuscript Layout (2-3 weeks) Review the author's manuscript for formatting and layout. Ensure the manuscript meets industry standards for readability. Work with the author on any necessary adjustments. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Setup (2-3 weeks) Assist the author in setting up their KDP account. Upload the finalized manuscript. Format book cover. Verify that all details are correct before publishing. The overall timeline for the Getting Started Package remains approximately 6-7 weeks, with the acknowledgement that the author's ability to promptly provide necessary information, including the book cover, will play a crucial role in meeting these timelines.

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