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Reading Fee Policy

At Jack Wild Publishing, we believe in providing equal opportunities for writers to submit their work for consideration. To ensure the integrity and quality of our submissions process, we have implemented a nominal reading fee policy. Below are the details of our reading fee policy:

  1. Reading Fee Amount:

    • A reading fee of $10 is applicable to all manuscript submissions to Jack Wild Publishing.

    • Submissions to Avalon Anthology for the Fall and Spring editions require a reading fee of $25.

    • The reading fee for submissions to the Summer edition of Avalon Anthology is purchased with your entry free to the Summer Chapbook Contest.

  2. Reason for Reading Fees:

    • Reading fees help us cover the administrative costs associated with reviewing and evaluating submissions.

    • This policy enables us to maintain a professional and efficient submissions process, ensuring that every manuscript receives thorough consideration.

  3. Payment Method:

    • Reading fees must be paid electronically through our secure submission portal at the time of manuscript submission.

  4. Non-Refundable:

    • All reading fees are non-refundable, regardless of the outcome of the submission.

  5. Waivers and Special Considerations:

    • In cases of financial hardship or special circumstances, authors may contact us to request a fee waiver or alternative arrangements. We are committed to accommodating writers to the best of our ability.

  6. Equality and Fairness:

    • We are committed to providing an equal opportunity for writers from all backgrounds to submit their work. Our reading fee policy helps support this commitment by allowing us to maintain an inclusive and accessible submissions process.

  7. Transparency:

    • We maintain transparency regarding our reading fee policy, and any updates or changes will be clearly communicated on our website.

At Jack Wild Publishing, we understand the importance of your creative work, and we appreciate your understanding of our reading fee policy. This policy enables us to continue our mission of discovering and sharing exceptional literary voices. Thank you for considering us as your publishing platform.

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