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Embark on a poetic adventure through the enchanting landscapes of the Appalachian region with Brett Gordon's "If It Calls Your Name." This captivating collection of poetry seamlessly weaves together the natural and supernatural worlds, immersing readers in the rugged beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains.


🏞️ Book Description: "If It Calls Your Name" by Brett Gordon invites you to explore the heart of the Appalachian region through eloquent verses that celebrate the unique culture, folklore, and resilient spirit of its people. Gordon's poetic mastery skillfully unravels themes of life, death, and the ethereal, creating a tapestry that paints a vivid portrait of the Appalachian experience. Each poem is a lyrical journey through the magic and mystery that define this captivating landscape. Gordon's artistry beckons readers to heed the call of a world where history and the human spirit harmonize in poetic grace.


🖋️ Pre-Order Details: Secure your copy of this mesmerizing collection now! Pre-order "If It Calls Your Name" to be among the first to delve into the lyrical depth of Gordon's exploration of the Appalachian soul.


🌍 Shipping Information: Please note that shipping times may vary based on your location. Your copy will embark on a journey to your doorstep with care, bringing the magic of the Appalachian region straight into your hands.


Don't miss the chance to be transported to the heart of the mountains through the poetic lens of Brett Gordon. Pre-order your copy of "If It Calls Your Name" and let the lyrical magic unfold.

If It Calls Your Name - Signed Copy

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