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Dive into the intimate world of Jamie Conway's poetry with a special signed copy of "2 A.M. Debris." Immerse yourself in the raw emotions, the journey from passion to self-discovery, and the profound human connection that defines this poetic masterpiece.


🌌 Book Description: “Everything we lay our eyes on is human, and if love is the thing we do best, then it's human, too.” "2 A.M. Debris" unravels the story of a lesbian woman entangled in the web of material love. As the flames of passion dwindle, what remains are her ashes and debris scattered by the winds of change. Follow her on a poignant journey to rediscover the light within, feeling every shaky breath and burning heart along the way. This collection is a love letter from the writer to the universe, exploring the complexities of human nature through words of light and dark.


🖋️ Pre-Order Details: Secure your exclusive signed copy now! Please note that, due to the personalized nature of this product, there is a shipping time involved. Once Jamie receives her author copy, she takes the time to sign it before it embarks on its journey to your doorstep. Allow for this unique experience to unfold as your signed copy makes its way from the author's hands to yours.


🌍 Shipping Information: Kindly note that the shipping process involves a route from the United States to Jamie in South Africa and then to the customer. Due to this international journey, it may take up to 30 days for you to receive your signed copy. We appreciate your patience as you eagerly await the arrival of this special edition to your literary collection.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a personalized piece of literary art. Pre-order your signed copy now and be part of the enchanting journey of "2 A.M. Debris."

2 A.M. Debris - Signed Copy

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