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Introducing Vanessa Gallegos

Vanessa ‘Kaylyn Marie’ Gallegos is a writer from Denver, CO. Her journey began in her childhood, where her love for storytelling first took root. At the tender age of 10, she dabbled in songwriting, displaying an innate talent for words that would later become her trademark. Even then, her unique perspective on various topics caught the attention of her high school English professor, who saw the potential for her to become an English teacher herself.

In those formative years, Vanessa found joy in reading diaries based on real-life experiences and had an affinity for the thrilling narratives of murder mysteries. These early literary influences played a pivotal role in shaping her passion for storytelling.

One of the defining characteristics of Vanessa's writing is its ability to evoke deep emotions. When asked about a book that had made her cry, she pointed to The Way Back Home by Courtney Peppernell. This powerful work deals with themes of grief and healing after loss, a subject that resonates with Vanessa and one she often explores in her own poetry.

Vanessa embarked on her poetic journey during her teenage years. It was her life experiences, combined with her cousin Tara's shared passion for poetry, that ignited her creative spark. Her poems became a means to explore her emotions and experiences, providing a space for self-expression and healing.

For Vanessa, writing can be both energizing and exhausting. The flow of words invigorates her, but the deep emotions that accompany them can be overwhelming. She finds herself fully immersed in her writing, often leading to introspective moments that aid in her healing process.

Although Vanessa has yet to publish her own book, she believes in the significance of book titles. Titles, for her, serve as a gateway to the content within the pages. She carefully selects titles that encapsulate the essence of her work, providing readers with a glimpse into the emotions and themes they can expect to encounter.

Vanessa's most significant challenge as a writer is knowing when to stop. She admits that she can become so engrossed in her writing that she may compose lengthy poems that are rich in emotion. Furthermore, revisiting her own writing can be emotionally taxing, as it forces her to confront her feelings head-on.

Her writing process is adaptable, allowing her to write wherever and whenever inspiration strikes. Whether it's in the notes app on her phone or with pen and paper, she ensures that she captures her thoughts and feelings in the moment.

Vanessa's poetry feels like it's channeled from the universe, a conduit for messages that resonate with her and her readers alike. Her poems serve as a form of self-expression and healing, both for herself and anyone who connects with her words. She uses her poetry to vent, relate, and ultimately, to heal.

Vanessa draws inspiration primarily from her life and her heart. She aspires to experiment with prompts and other creative sources in the future. Her influences include authors like Shana Roark, Christi Steyn, and Lang Leav, who have shaped her writing goals and her approach to the craft.

While Vanessa is continually working on herself, she's also been gathering her poems with the aspiration of one day releasing her own poetry book. Her writing journey is a testament to her resilience and commitment to sharing her message with the world.

Outside of writing, Vanessa is a multi-talented artist. She enjoys modeling, acting, painting, and drawing, displaying her creative spirit across various artistic domains.

When asked about her vision of literary success, Vanessa's response beautifully encapsulates her purpose as a writer. She measures success not by commercial fame but by the impact of her words on others. Her ultimate goal is for her messages to reach people, touch their lives, and help them in the same way that writing has been a source of solace and inspiration for her.

Vanessa's perspective on writer's block is both pragmatic and hopeful. She acknowledges the ebb and flow of emotions and energy that all writers encounter.

There are times when the muse is elusive, and words are difficult to find. However, she firmly believes that by working through these emotions, finding the bigger picture, and holding onto hope, a writer can navigate through any mental block.

In a world that often feels chaotic and disconnected, authors like Vanessa Gallegos remind us of the power of words to bridge the gap between individuals, to heal, and to inspire. Her journey as a writer is a testament to the enduring human spirit, the ability to channel life's experiences into art, and the profound impact that a poet can have on those who journey through the tapestry of her verses.

In Vanessa Gallegos, we find an emerging author whose words carry the weight of raw emotions and healing. Her journey as a poet is not only one of self-discovery but also a path toward sharing her unique perspective on life with the world. As we await the release of her own poetry book, we can follow her artistic journey and connect with her messages of inspiration, healing, and self-expression through her captivating verses.

Vanessa is published in the anthologies: Because I Fucking Said So, Girls Just Want to Have Fundamental Rights and Unsent Love Letters. You can find her on Instagram as @Art_by.ness

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