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Introducing Luke Turner

Luke Turner (pen name L.M. Wyandotte) is an accomplished creative writer and has self-published three books: Crown Confessions vols. 1-3. He also has around four books worth of material, so he will select which poems to put in the next book from ones he has already written. He’s hoping that his next book, Thoughts From The Soul, Feelings From The Heart, will be out later this year. Usually, Luke spends more time trying to think of book titles, as he writes poems daily. He notes that book titles are what captures attention, and he wants to grab a reader’s attention from the get-go. The title for his first three books, Crown Confessions, came from Luke writing while enjoying a glass of Crown Royal.

The manner in which he wrote was as if he was confessing on the paper himself. Therefore, he did not edit or change any words, because he wanted people to read and feel what he felt when he wrote them down. He feels it’s important to have a good backstory behind a title, too. Luke tends to write from inspiration, which can be from a book he’s reading or music he’s listening to. A simple word or phrase can help him come up with part of a poem, and then he figures it out from there. From 2016-2018, Luke experienced several emotional and life-changing events, from heartbreak to falling in love, to the loss of a loved one. He started predominantly writing poetry in 2018and essentially poured his emotions out onto paper. He does most of his writing at home, and always keeps his phone or a pen and paper nearby for whenever a new thought or idea strikes his mind and he needs to jot it down quickly before he forgets.

The most difficult part about writing for Luke is confronting his emotions and choosing his words carefully in order to convey the right message to his readers. He welcomes the emotional part of writing because he believes his connection to readers is through authentic emotions. When Luke writes, he laughs, smiles, and cries, so he knows his readers will experience real emotion. He writes every single day, however, the amount of writing varies from day to day. Some days he will only write a few poems, and others, it can be fifteen or more! Writing can sometimes exhaust him, because of how much effort he puts into expressing his thoughts and feelings. He wants his readers to truly feel an emotion when reading his work. His favorite poem from his own writing is “I would rather live with failed attempts, than successful regrets.” He also enjoys reading a lot and has a habit of buying way too many books. He is currently reading Harold by Steven Wright, Sex Drugs and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman, and The Creative Art by Rick Rubin. He is fond of reading poetry, but it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find him reading fiction. The authors who have most influenced his writing are Charles Bukowski, R.H. Sin, and J.M. Storm. His dream mentor would have been Bukowski.

The first book Luke ever read of Bukowski’s was Love Is a Dog From Hell. At the time of reading the book, many of the poems were relatable for him, and it was a big source of inspiration for his early work. He feels that being mentored by Bukowski would be absolutely priceless, and improve his writing immensely. When he isn’t reading or writing, he likes listening to music and podcasts.

Literary success for Luke means receiving genuine feedback about his work and interacting with his readers, and he wants to consistently release material for his fans. He knows it sounds cliché, but his advice for new writers would be to write as much and as often as possible. He believes that you can always change words and ideas, but only if you write them down. Luke knows that it’s important to never be afraid to put yourself out there, as you never know who will connect with your words.

You can find Luke on Instagram as @l.m.wyandotte, on Facebook as L.M. Wyandotte, on Twitter as @lmwyandotte and email him at His books are available on

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