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Internship Opportunities

Location: Remote

Hours: 4-5 per week

Duration: 3 months

Compensation: We'll publish your poetry chapbook (15-30 poems) through our Thirteen Leaves service, a $2,000 value, while you learn the ins and outs of self-publishing.


Available Internship Positions

Choose from a variety of roles to match your interests and skills:

  • Social Media Content Creator: Create engaging content for our social media platforms.

  • TikTok Social Media Manager: Manage and create content for TikTok.

  • Facebook Social Media Manager: Manage our Facebook presence.

  • Instagram Social Media Manager: Curate visual content for Instagram.

  • Thirteen Leaves Manager: Serve as a liaison between the Publishing Specialist and clients utilizing our self-publishing service.

  • Newsletter Designer: Craft weekly newsletters.

  • Blog Writer: Create engaging blog posts.

  • E-Commerce Manager: Oversee e-commerce activities. 

Benefits of Our Internship Program
When you join our program, you can expect:

  • Valuable mentorship from industry professionals

  • Networking opportunities in the publishing world

  • Hands-on skill development in your chosen field

Ready to join our team?

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