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Festivals and Events

Calling all festival organizers and event planners! Poet, Christopher Poindexter, is now available to add a touch of literary magic to your upcoming gatherings.

Christopher is a true wordsmith, known for his ability to weave emotions into beautiful verses that resonate with the soul. He brings a unique vintage flair, transporting audiences to a time when typewriters were the epitome of artistic expression.

Imagine the scene: Christopher stationed at your event, armed with his trusty typewriter, ready to create personalized poems on the spot. Guests will be captivated as they witness his fingers effortlessly glide across the keys, crafting one-of-a-kind pieces that encapsulate the essence of individuals or align with the theme of your festival.

But that's not all! Christopher also offers signed copies of his captivating books, allowing attendees to bring his poetic brilliance home with them. These treasured volumes are filled with profound insights and thought-provoking prose that will leave readers spellbound.

As an added bonus, Christopher is delighted to meet his fans and connect on a personal level. Autograph sessions are available, offering the opportunity to engage with the poet himself, share stories, and bask in the warm presence of a creative soul whose words have touched hearts around the world.

If you're searching for that extra special element to elevate your festival or event, look no further.. With his enchanting presence, custom poems, signed books, and engaging autograph sessions, he will leave a lasting impression on your attendees. Don't miss the chance to book Christopher and infuse your gathering with the captivating power of poetry.

Additional Notes:​

  • Christopher Poindexter will schedule his arrival at the festival/event venue one day prior to the event. This allows ample time for him to ensure availability, make necessary preparations, and familiarize himself with the surroundings. Additionally, Christopher will stay for one night afterwards, providing him with an opportunity to rest and prepare for his departure. Depending on the location of your event, if Christopher arrived without his personal vehicle, to facilitate his transportation needs, we kindly request the arrangement of a car, taxi, Uber, or Lyft for pick-up and drop-off services between the venue and Christopher's hotel. This ensures a smooth and convenient transition for him during his stay.

  • Christopher Poindexter will provide his own typewriter and any necessary materials for writing custom poems at the event. However, in order to create a comfortable and convenient workspace, we kindly request that a tent and table(s) be set up for his use. We recommend at least two tables to fit a comfortable space for typing poems, as well as an additional table for products such as signed books. The typewriting area should provide enough space for the typewriter, paper, and any additional materials Christopher may require during the writing process.

  • Providing the cost of meals during Christopher's three-day stay, or any other gifts or kind gestures would contribute to making Christopher's experience more enjoyable and appreciated, but please note, we do not require any specific offerings. If you feel inclined to express your appreciation and enhance Christopher's experience, you can make the personal decision to do so.

Getting Started

When you are ready to book Christopher Poindexter, for your festival or event, please gather the following information to facilitate the booking process:

  1. Information and details about your event:

    • Event name and description

    • Date(s) and time(s) of the event

    • Venue/location details

    • Theme or focus of the event

    • Expected attendance or audience size

  2. Duration of the event:

    • Specify the duration of the event, including start and end times, as well as any specific time slots or sessions where you would like the poet to perform or engage with attendees.

  3. Specific services and requirements of the poet:

    • Identify the specific services you would like the poet to provide, such as poetry readings, book signings, customized poems, autographs, workshops, Q&A sessions, or any other customized content.

    • Discuss any particular themes, topics, or styles you would like the poet to incorporate into their performance or engagement.

  4. Fee for the poet's services:

    • Determine the budget or fee you are willing to provide for the poet's services.

    • Consider the duration of their involvement, the scope of services requested, and the poet's level of expertise when determining the appropriate fee.

    • It is recommended to discuss and negotiate the fee based on your event's budget and the value you perceive the poet's contribution will bring to your event.

  5. Travel and Accommodations:

    • Specify travel arrangements for the poet, including transportation to and from the event location.

    • Specify accommodations for the poet's stay during the event.

    • Provide details about the travel and accommodation arrangements, including dates, accommodation type, possible accommodation locations, and any other relevant information.

    • Determine the cost of travel and accommodations, and the fee you are willing to provide.

By gathering this information in advance, you will be well-prepared to initiate the booking process and engage in a productive discussion with the poet or their representative. This will help ensure a smooth and efficient planning process for both parties involved.

Once you have the information, please send an email to


To ensure that your message is promptly received and attended to, we kindly request that you CC We strive to provide timely and comprehensive responses to all inquiries, and by including as a CC recipient, we can ensure that your email is seen by our dedicated support team as well.

Thank you for considering Christopher Poindexter for your festival or event. We are excited to collaborate with you and make your event a memorable and inspiring experience!

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