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Jack Wild Publishing presents...

2023 Summer Chapbook Contest

Step into the spotlight and seize the opportunity to become the next featured author with Jack Wild Publishing's 2023 Summer Chapbook Contest! This thrilling competition is open for submissions from June 20th to July 20th.

But that's not all—this year, we have an extraordinary offering for all participants. Each and every person who submits their work will have the chance to be published in AVALON Poetry Magazine, our new digital publication. Your words will grace the pages of this platform, allowing your creativity to touch the hearts and minds of a broader audience. And that's not all—the selected entrants have the option to receive exclusive interviews and featured author spots in upcoming and future editions of the magazine.

Please note, we are exclusively accepting poetry submissions. We invite you to craft a captivating collection of 25 poems that showcase your poetic prowess and unique voice.

Poetry has the power to touch hearts, evoke emotions, and create meaningful connections. We believe in the beauty and artistry of this literary form, and we are excited to receive your poetic expressions.

The winner of the contest will be carefully chosen within 14 days after the submission period concludes. This is your moment to shine, to make your mark among the ranks of illustrious authors published by Jack Wild Publishing. We are eagerly awaiting the incredible submissions that will showcase the rich tapestry of literary talent.

Prepare to unleash your imagination, share your unique voice, and carve your path in the literary world. We are filled with anticipation to delve into the depths of your exceptional chapbook entries, as we search for the next extraordinary author to join our distinguished publishing family.

Wishing all participants the best of luck, as this contest sets the stage for your literary success!

Instructions for Entering the 2023 Summer Chapbook Contest:

  1. Select and Purchase Your Desired Package: Choose the tier that best suits your preferences and aspirations for the contest. You can find the available packages and their prices below.

    • Important Note: It's essential to understand that selecting a specific package does not influence your chances of being chosen as the contest winner. Our aim is to provide additional rewards and benefits to all our contest participants, regardless of the package they choose. We believe in fostering a fair and inclusive competition where every entrant has an equal opportunity to showcase their talent and be recognized for their exceptional work. Rest assured that the selection process for the contest winner is based solely on the merits of the submitted entries. Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to receiving your remarkable submissions.

  2. Prepare Your Manuscript: Craft your chapbook with care, ensuring it reflects your unique voice and artistic vision. Review and polish your work to present your best writing.

  3. Submit Your Manuscript: Use the instructions provided in the letter you received as a digital download after purchasing an entry package, which instructs you on how to submit your manuscript and serves as proof of your contest entry. 

  4. Await Confirmation: After submitting your entry, our team will review your submission and confirm the receipt of your entry. Please allow us a few business days to process and respond.

  5. Stay Connected: Keep an eye on your email inbox during the contest period. We may reach out to you with any updates or notifications regarding the contest.

  6. Winners Announcement: The winner of the contest will be selected within 14 days after the contest ends. Stay tuned for the announcement, as it will be made via email and on our official website and social media platforms.

Please read if you wish to submit multiple manuscripts: 

To ensure each manuscript receives proper consideration, please follow the instructions provided below:

  1. Separate submissions: For each additional manuscript you wish to submit, please send them as separate submissions. This will help us organize and evaluate each entry effectively.

  2. Purchase an additional Package 1: Kindly note that each manuscript submission requires a separate purchase of Package 1. By purchasing an additional package, you provide support for the contest and contribute to our ongoing efforts to recognize exceptional literary talent.

  3. Follow the submission instructions: For each submission, please follow the same submission instructions outlined in our previous correspondence. Remember to attach the manuscript file, include a copy of the confirmation letter for the respective submission, and use the subject line "2023 Summer Chapbook Contest Entry."


We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter. It allows us to maintain a fair and organized process while giving each of your manuscripts the attention they deserve. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team at We are here to help you through this process.

Package Options:

Package 1: $25

  • Submission to our 2023 Summer Chapbook Contest

Package 2: $50

  • Submission to our 2023 Summer Chapbook Contest

  • Publication in AVALON Poetry Magazine

Package 3: $75

  • Submission to our 2023 Summer Chapbook Contest

  • Publication in AVALON Poetry Magazine

  • Author Interview

Package 4: $100

  • Submission to our 2023 Summer Chapbook Contest

  • Publication in AVALON Poetry Magazine

  • In-depth feature article

  • Promotion on Jack Wild Publishing social media pages

2023 Summer Chapbook Entry Packages

Choose your desired package below:

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