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Code of Conduct Policy

At Jack Wild Publishing, we are committed to fostering a positive and respectful environment for our authors, customers, and team members. This Code of Conduct outlines the expectations and guidelines for behavior when interacting with Jack Wild Publishing and its community. By engaging with our services, authors and customers agree to adhere to this Code of Conduct.

  1. Respectful Communication: All interactions, whether through our platform, email, social media, or other channels, should be conducted with respect, professionalism, and courtesy. Avoid engaging in any form of harassment, discrimination, or offensive language. Treat others with kindness and empathy.

  2. Professionalism and Integrity: Conduct yourself professionally and ethically in all interactions with Jack Wild Publishing and its representatives. Uphold the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and transparency. Avoid engaging in any fraudulent, deceptive, or illegal activities.

  3. Collaboration and Constructive Feedback: Foster a spirit of collaboration and constructive feedback when engaging with Jack Wild Publishing and fellow authors. Provide feedback in a respectful and constructive manner, focusing on improving the quality of work and fostering growth.

  4. Intellectual Property Rights: Respect and uphold intellectual property rights. Do not plagiarize, infringe upon copyrights, or violate any other intellectual property laws. Obtain necessary permissions and licenses for any third-party content used in your work.

  5. Confidentiality: Protect the confidentiality of sensitive information shared by Jack Wild Publishing and fellow authors. Do not disclose or misuse any confidential or proprietary information obtained through our services.

  6. Compliance with Policies and Laws: Adhere to all the policies, terms, conditions, and guidelines set forth by Jack Wild Publishing. Ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations regarding publishing, copyright, and intellectual property rights.

  7. Reporting Violations: If you witness or experience any behavior that violates this Code of Conduct, promptly report it to Jack Wild Publishing. We take all reports seriously and will investigate and take appropriate actions to address the issue.

  8. Consequences of Violations: Violations of this Code of Conduct may result in various consequences, including but not limited to warnings, suspension of services, termination of contracts, and legal actions when necessary.

By engaging with Jack Wild Publishing, authors, customers, and users acknowledge and agree to abide by this Code of Conduct. We reserve the right to update or modify this Code of Conduct at any time. It is the responsibility of authors, customers, and users to review and comply with the most recent version of this policy.

Let's work together to create a supportive and inclusive community centered around literature and publishing.

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