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Christopher Poindexter

Meet Christopher Poindexter, a poetic soul hailing from Southern Arkansas, whose words dance to the rhythm of jazz, echo the rebellious spirit of the Beat Generation, and draw inspiration from the enigmatic Arthur Rimbaud. With his work, Christopher embarks on a free-form exploration, expressing the depths of the soul with unbridled passion.

Christopher Poindexter, one of the founders of Jack Wild Publishing, is not only an astute entrepreneur but also a poet with an extraordinary talent for weaving words into evocative verses. He published his own book of poetry titled "English Leather" under the Jack Wild Publishing imprint. This decision holds a special significance for Christopher as it is a heartfelt tribute to his beloved grandfather, the very inspiration behind the founding of the publishing company.

Christopher has traversed various corners of the United States, finding inspiration in diverse landscapes and cultures. Throughout his life, he has called many places home, drawing from the vibrant energy and distinct flavors of each location to fuel his poetic endeavors. Currently, Christopher has found solace and a sense of belonging in the enchanting town of Marietta, Ohio. Nestled along the banks of the Ohio River, Marietta's historic charm and picturesque surroundings offer a serene backdrop for his creative pursuits. The tranquil beauty of this small town resonates deeply with Christopher, providing a space where he can delve into the depths of his imagination and pen verses that touch the hearts of readers around the world.


While his geographic location has evolved over the years, Christopher's unwavering commitment to his craft remains a constant. He continues to explore the intricacies of human emotions, the mysteries of existence, and the profound connections that bind us all. Through his evocative poetry, Christopher invites readers on a journey of introspection, encouraging them to embrace vulnerability, seek beauty in the mundane, and find solace in the power of language.


With each new chapter in his life, Christopher Poindexter's poetic voice continues to evolve and captivate. His experiences have shaped his perspective and enriched his artistry. As he weaves words into tapestries of emotion, his readers are transported to a realm where poetry becomes a vehicle for introspection, healing, and the celebration of the human experience.

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The Book

"English Leather"

English Leather is Christopher Poindexter's first book of full length poetry. A collection of poems from 2016-2020 that he wrote for a project called "As I listen to Jazz," which was an exploration of voice within poetics, being inspired by some of his heroes, and being open and honest about some things he couldn't say to anyone, other than the white blank page. He wrote most of the poems listening to jazz, or simply being inspired by the spontaneity of jazz itself.

Book Christopher Poindexter


Christopher Poindexter, the accomplished poet and co-founder of Jack Wild Publishing, offers a diverse range of services that showcase his poetic expertise and his ability to create meaningful connections through words. These services cater to individuals seeking poetic guidance, event organizers aiming to infuse their occasions with literary charm, and couples desiring a touch of poetic beauty on their special day.


Poem Critiques

Through his Patreon platform, Christopher provides Poem Critiques, offering aspiring poets and writers the opportunity to receive personalized feedback on their work. Recognizing the importance of constructive criticism in the creative process, Christopher offers insightful analysis, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement in the submitted poems. By sharing his knowledge and expertise, he aims to nurture and inspire emerging talents, helping them refine their craft and find their unique voice in the world of poetry.

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Christopher Poindexter is available for Events and Festivals, where his presence can transform any gathering into a memorable and enchanting experience. Whether it's a literary festival, a poetry reading, or a cultural event, Christopher's captivating performances captivate audiences and transport them to the realms of imagination. His poignant recitations and heartfelt delivery create an atmosphere where words come alive, leaving a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of those in attendance.

Wedding Rings


Christopher lends his poetic talents to Weddings, infusing the celebration of love with the power of words. Recognizing the significance of such a momentous occasion, he crafts personalized wedding vows or poems that beautifully encapsulate the emotions and stories of the couple.  Christopher's ability to capture the essence of a couple's love story in verse adds a touch of magic and sentimentality to the wedding day, creating a truly unforgettable experience for both the couple and their guests.

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