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Boosting Your Reach

At Jack Wild Publishing, our commitment to our authors extends beyond the publication of your books. We understand the importance of connecting your work with a wider audience and maximizing your exposure as an author. To help you achieve this, we offer a platform for collaboration that can amplify your voice and expand your reach.

Share and Amplify: A Partnership for Success

You've poured your creativity and passion into your writing, and now it's time to share your work with the world. We're here to provide a helping hand in making that happen. One way we do this is by encouraging you to tag us in your posts or shares related to your work, be it your books, poetry, or literary updates.

Collaboration & Giveaways

By tagging us in your posts on social media, you allow us to share your content on our social media pages. This means your work can reach a broader audience and gain more visibility.

In the quest to boost your reach and share your work with a broader audience, collaborative giveaways can also be a powerful tool. At Jack Wild Publishing, we're committed to partnering with our authors to maximize their success, and this includes offering opportunities for book giveaways.

Should you be interested in hosting a giveaway of your book, we can share it on our social media page to bring traffic to your own social media account and promote your book, boosting your followers and book sales. 


How to Get Started

If you have any posts, updates, or content related to your books, poems, or any literary creations, tag us @jackwildpublishing, and we'll take it from there. 

Should you be interested in hosting a book giveaway, please contact Brittney Arthur.

Together, we can expand your reach, celebrate your literary achievements, and help your words resonate with a broader audience. 

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