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Author Signed Books & Merch

For our authors, we offer an exclusive opportunity to expand your reach and engage with your readers in new and exciting ways. If you wish to sell author copies of your books or showcase your unique merchandise, we're here to make it happen. It's all about enhancing the connection between you and your audience.

Sell Author Copies

Share the magic of a signed or personalized copy of your book with your readers. Whether it's a special message, your autograph, or a limited edition, you can make it personal. We 

can manage your sales directly from our website or your own preferred source.

When selling through our website, we'll seamlessly add your product to our catalog, allowing you to set the price that suits you. Upon each order, we'll promptly email you an order confirmation. From there, we will ship you the author copy for you to sign and mail to your customer. Your sales revenue will be sent to you via PayPal within 24-48 hours, and the profit from your signed book sales is yours to keep. 

If you've established your own platform for selling author copies of your books published with us, please feel free to share your link with us. We'll gladly feature it on our website and promote it through our social media channels, connecting you with an even broader audience. 


Showcase Your Merchandise

Authors often have imaginative merchandise ideas that complement their literary creations. If you have unique art, designs, or merchandise related to your work that you'd like to present to your audience, we can create the merch for you and feature it on our website. Contact Brittney Arthur with your designs, and we'll work together to bring your creative vision to life.

We're also here to support your merchandise sales beyond our platform. If you sell merchandise elsewhere, simply provide us with the necessary information, and we'll add the link to your merchandise store on our website. Plus, we'll help promote it on our social media pages to broaden your reach and connect you with even more fans and supporters.


How to Get Started

To explore these exclusive opportunities or if you have any questions, please contact Brittney Arthur via email or text. 

Your journey with us extends far beyond the pages of your book. We're here to support you in building a deeper connection with your readers, sharing your unique literary world, and expanding your merchandising reach.


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