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Welcome to Jack Wild Publishing

At Jack Wild Publishing, we are dedicated to nurturing literary talent and helping authors bring their stories to life. We offer a range of publishing services, including both traditional and self-publishing options, tailored to your unique needs. We believe in supporting emerging voices and providing opportunities for writers to shine.

Our Offerings:

  • Traditional Publishing: Explore the world of traditional publishing with us, where your manuscript has the chance to find its home in the hands of eager readers.

  • Self-Publishing Services: Take control of your literary journey with our self-publishing services. We provide the expertise and tools to help you publish your book your way.

  • Summer Chapbook Contest: Every summer, we host the Summer Chapbook Contest, giving writers the opportunity to win a publishing contract and see their work in print.

  • Avalon Anthology: Join our literary community and share your creativity in our Avalon Anthology. Submit your work, and become part of a collection that celebrates the diversity of voices in the literary world.


We're here to guide you on your publishing path, whether you're seeking a traditional publishing experience or ready to take the reins with self-publishing. Jack Wild Publishing is where your literary journey begins.

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